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Overcoming Sales Objections

The "What-If" Technique Today, we’re going to learn an important technique. Until now, we’ll learn the importance of accepting the customer’s objections and when we’re not ready to make the sale, we’re not ready to close with the customer, to develop the conversation in order to get more...


Discover how to use the secrets of Networking and grow!

The principle of generosity Generosity sounds very simple but I would like to ask you a question. Do you have any problem doing small favors to other people? Most of the people will answer, “No, of course. When somebody else asks me for a favor, I’ll always be happy to do it.” I would like to...


Negotiation skills

our Key to Get More During Negotiation! During a negotiation process I invest a lot of effort to make the other party comfortable with me and to create this personal bridge between us, when we start to negotiate about the important things, I become tough. The decision you have to make along...


Sales Management

Learn the Art of Sales Management Sales Management is one of the essential business discipline and this is the reason that Sales is one of the core department of any company. Being a part of the sales team, an individual is expected to be aware of the prevalent sales techniques so that he or...