our Key to Get More During Negotiation!

During a negotiation process I invest a lot of effort to make the other party comfortable with me and to create this personal bridge between us, when we start to negotiate about the important things, I become tough. The decision you have to make along the negotiation meeting will take you only seconds. In these seconds, it’s very important to change your personality. You’re very soft, you’re very open, you’re very nice and kind up to the second that you have to surprise and to change something in your offer, in your proposal.

Stop! and Start using tough words.

In order to show the other party that it is really something difficult and complicated for you to do. If you gained enough personal and professional credit. Until these seconds, now you can change it a little bit to be a little more difficult, more tough, sometimes stubborn because these seconds will determine the final result of your negotiation.

Generally, we have three types of negotiation meetings. Sometimes we meet the decision maker. It’s easy because in one meeting or a few meetings, you’ll finish everything with one person.

The other type of negotiation meetings is with someone else that is lower at the hierarchy of the organization. He has to conclude the maximum possibility with you, and then there’s another person that makes the decision with or without you. It’s totally different.

The third type is the representative of the procurement department of the organization. These people are educated to be tough. The organizations evaluate them by their ability to minimize the cost of the organization that’s why they work for the procurement departments.

When you’re meeting with these types of people, it’s very important to create personal rapport with them also and to manage the meeting in a way that at this part of it, it will be soft, nice, easy. I even make sure that before that meeting, the procurement department will receive telephone calls from my friends in the organization that will tell them, “He’s okay. He’s very professional.

Do everything you can to finish with him smooth and easy.” Why? Because I know that at least a few seconds in the meeting, I have to be very tough, sometimes stubborn. I want to build myself enough credibility before this moment or these seconds in order to maximize my achievements in these specific seconds.